Club which plays 100% Metal.

Other facilities:

Takes Reservations
Good For Groups
Waiter Service
Outdoor Seating
Type: Club
Opening hours: 10-5am
Address: İstiklal Cad. İmam adnan sok. No: 8/A
City: Istanbul
State: Istanbul
Country: Turkey
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On 5 Mar 2016 By tun
Dorock & DorockXL
"There are two Dorock bars one in Taksim and the new DoRockXL in Kadıköy which is quite bigger and has a concert hall. There are some cool concerts in the hall both popular music and rock/metal. There are nice food selections and drinks to choose from and large halls to sit outside and inside. They smoke in the closed area though, if you're not into that beware. Music both in Taksim and Kadıköy is OK. They play rock and metal but you rarely hear extreme sounds like death/black metal. The place is usually too crowded and noisy though you can't enjoy the music."

On 10 Sep 2015 By Glasgowpunk
100% Metal? I dont think
"Granted it was daytime mid week, but I went there for a couple of beers while pub crawling. Any bar that plays Nickleback cant be called a metal bar. This place played 5, yes five, Nickleback songs in a row, followed by Pink! Go to Rasputin which is on the next street towards Taksim."

On 5 Mar 2015 By marsop
Best Metal in Istanbul
"The perfect venue. Nicely located close to Taksim square. Good music and reasonably priced beer (12TL)"

On 18 Feb 2015 By marsop
Awesome concerts
"Just landes here while some cover band was playing Lamb of god, couldnt be possibly better. Nice ambient, music and reasonable priced beer"

On 11 Feb 2013 By ayhantm
Best Heavy Metal Bar - Is
"Tв”њв•ќrkiye'nin en baba Heavy Metal barв”Ђв–’dв”Ђв–’r, tek geв”њВєerim."

On 25 Nov 2012 By Andre
The Best!
"I Love this Metal-Pub! Everytime if i stay in Istanbul, i got to there... perferct atmosmphere, good live-bands!"

On 21 Jul 2012 By drummerette
Not too shabby!
"Pretty good venue - they did play great tunes, and the venue itself is very catchy. Although, the crowd was certainly not as friendly, and the bar staff didn't speak English very well, it was hard to communicate to even get a proper drink, and cocktails are also a little pricey, i'd reccomend sticking to the beers. Although, the bar itself is very nicely decorated with a cute little terrace and nice videos to compliment the music. I'd rate it 3/5. Alternatively, there is the "Zurich" bar just across from it, which plays much more mainstream music symphonic metal, with much friendlier bar staff, and they take music requests also. Oh, you can smoke inside, too! However, i'd reccomend checking both of these places out, it depends on your taste in atmosphere and music, really!"

On 26 Sep 2011 By mferinf
Great Place!
"I've been there for three times and I cannot wait to return. It's a great place: live music with great bands, non expensive beers and in an unbeatable location."

On 10 Sep 2011 By hellespont
An excellent METAL venue
"I came to Istanbul for Unirock, then didn't go as the bands I wanted to see cancelled. I started at another bar, met some people who recommended this one, and took me along. It was an excellent surprise: I read that it was '100% metal', but I doubted that. I was wrong.. it's an actual metal bar! playing metal! filled with metallers! I know there were a lot more people than usual because of Unirock, but many were regulars. It was a great venue with a great covers band playing, and a great crowd. Even got to hang out with Mayhem there! I am definitely going again; it's rare to find a venue true to metal."

On 28 Apr 2011 By flometal69
A must go
"Cheap and tasty beers, full of crowd and concerts each night!!!!"

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Located in: Istanbul